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Change of direction

So, it seems to me that although I am still writing, what I don’t enjoy doing is writing about writing. I don’t enjoy blogging for the attention. And I don’t like using social media like it’s a tool for my own self-promotion.

Instead, I’ve come to realise that there are a lot of ways to be transgender, and that in the past I’ve felt incredibly lonely because I don’t seem to fit with the ideal of what a trans person should be, either from a cis or a trans standpoint.

I need to reach out in order to not feel that way. I’ve always refrained from making this a “trans blog” because firstly, what have I got to say that hasn’t already been said? And also, shouldn’t I be concentrating on being a “better writer”, whatever that means?

Maybe I’m not the first. So what? I still have a standpoint that not everybody has, a particular lens through which I view the world around me. And the way that distorts things- that’s a curiosity.

So no, not everything in my life is to do with being trans- but it’s a part of me that I am not ashamed of, and not afraid to explore creatively. Over the coming weeks I have a lot to share, and I’m also going to be experimenting with publishing it in different ways.

So, if that interests you, stay tuned. If not… sorry, not sorry.

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