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King Kong’s Ding Dong

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Like many trans people, my voice is a source of massive anguish for me. I’m hoping to get vocal coaching through the Gender Identity Clinic, but in the meantime, I’ve decided to be proactive about it.

Firstly, I downloaded Voice Pitch Analyser from the Android Play Store. If you’re on iPhone (nerd), there’s an app called Eva which actually has training exercises included in it, and comes in MtF and FtM varieties.

However, Voice Pitch Analyser gave me a passage of text to read and listened to my voice, and turns out I’m kicking about at a range of 173-218 Hz, well within the “female” pitch range. Over time, I can test again and again and VPA will plot a graph of my progress (or otherwise). I love graphs.

So, how am I going to bring my pitch down? Well, it turns out, by repeating the words “king kong bing bong ding dong” three times on a daily basis.

Following this tutorial, , and using a calendar taped to my door to remind me to practice, I hope to bring the pitch of my voice down. How much I can do this, I’m not sure. But, my plan is to post my results here so that other people know what it is reasonable for them to expect.

Of course I want a “male” sounding voice. But without T, that might not be possible. I hold out hope, however, that it is. For many afab trans people, testosterone is not the answer to their trans niggles, and it’s good to know what we can do in the meantime, or even instead.

Although some people say it’s possible to deepen your voice by exercising it every day, others disagree. Well, I’m going to do everything I can to put the theory to the test. Wish me luck.

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  1. Curious to know how you do on Eva. Some of it is pitch and some of it is talking “flat” with male intonation rather than female. I’m a flat talker already, but I’d also like to nudge my voice down a bit.


    • I don’t have an iPhone unfortunately, but I’m going to see how I get on with Voice Pitch Analyser. I’m concerned that I’ve been subconsciously masculinising my voice my entire life, and it’s as low as it’ll go :/ but I want to try 🙂



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