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Welcome! I’m Parker Dell, a twenty-something non-binary transperson working on my first novel. Currently, the working title is The Universe and Human Stupidity, but that may well change as time goes on.

Despite briefly entertaining a career in journalism, thinking it more profitable, I have now decided to make a return to my first love- writing for the pure joy of it. I’m writing a novel, not because I think it will be a success, but because it is something I enjoy writing and would love to finish. I write poems because they’re tiny slices of emotion, and a pleasure to read aloud.

Although I use my gender identity as a theme in my work, I am only drawing from my own life and interests. Other common themes include Physics, Greek mythology, and a heavy dose of whimsy. While superb at characterisation, I am pathetically weak when it comes to physical description and setting the scene. Still, I know how to play to my strengths.

Come September, I will begin training to become a teacher, a career path I have chosen because it affords both free time and constant self-development. According to Woolf, all I need is a room of my own and money if I am to write, and I fully intend to get it.

I’m very interested in talking with and supporting other novice authors. It can be hard, this game, so why do it alone?

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  1. I actually just finished my novel and now am in the editing phase 🙂

    Good luck!



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