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To His Lover, In Bed

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Jesus H. Christ, John-
How come your feet are so soft?
They’reĀ feetĀ for fuck’s sake.


A perfect moment-
Watching the death of summer
From beneath an oak

First Date Nerves

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She is beautiful.
…And I am a potato
Wearing a nice shirt.

Another Cricket Haiku Partnership: Bowled

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Little red martyr
Bouncing awkwardly and then-
Bails fall, shouts of joy.

Devil-red missile
Bounces, instincts failing him-
Long walk; head kept down.

Haiku: Physicists

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Self-aware atoms
Delve deeper into themselves,
Try to find meaning.

Cricket Haiku Partnership

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Touring Australia

Late night radio-
Tired, eagerly awaiting
Soul Limbo’s rhythm.

After Touring Australia

Haunted, washed-out face,
Questioning why you ever
Stay up for cricket.